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Smokteck Fit Kit

When you rushed to a friend's party, too late to pack up things;

when you lazily lied on the couch, drinking whiskey, and still felt something was lacking;

or when you were asked to make a choice that you could only carry one portable thing with you, what would you carry and choose?

The answer is quite simple, nothing is more appropriate to take along FIT!

FIT is the fittest: ultra slim figure, small and exquisite, all-in-one design, light and portable, plug and vape, plug and charge,

built-in 250mAh battery , 2ml e-liquid capacity, etc. FIT is born to be a gentle companion, whose comfort palate makes you almost

forget its existence, yet when you need it, FIT will satisfy your vaping demands at any moment.

Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

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