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Introducing the Signature Series

Posted on July 25 2016

Introducing the Signature Series

The amazing flavors of Signature Series has become the best selling e-juice in the market. Signature Series now has over 6 flavors that vapers can experience and drool over. These flavors were created by the famous mixologist Jax's in the vape shops of the gods. The gods have allowed us humans to try their delicious Signature series finally. Now these flavors can be yours at a low price that all vapers can afford. Try Signature Series today before they are all sold out again.


Signature Series - Hidden Dragon (White Peach, Green Apple Tea)

 Signature Series - Bitch B (Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream)

Signature Series - Bonzai (Strawberry Kiwi Taffy)

Signature Series - Crouching Tiger (Strawberry Fruit Punch)

Signature Series - Rainbow Road (Frutty Pebble with Rice Crispy)

Signature Series - Bronze Beard (Vanilla Caramel Tobacco)


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