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Cloupor Mini – The High-End Box Mod for Convenient Vaping Session

Posted on June 02 2015

Electronic cigarette keeps on updating itself as per the specific need of the e-smokers and the introduction of different types of e-Cig devices have introduced innumerable variations on the e-Cigarette market. More than disposable electronic cigarette, it is the customized mechanical mods that bring the perfect essence and taste out of the electronic cigarette. And with the introduction of various mechanical mods, larger number of devices has managed to showcase its features along with its versatility. There are plenty of electronic cigarettes are available on the market and the best part of these e-Cigarettes is that, it caters to the need of all individuals and completely looks after the health of the e-smokers. With the emerging days, large number of electronic cigarettes keeps updating and the Cloupor Mini is one of them which has that gratifying element that gives a perfect satisfaction to the e-smokers while they vape electronic cigarettes. cloupor-mini Cloupor Mini is a box mod, an advanced mechanical mod box that is custom-crafted and gives the right flavor along with pillowy cloud of vapor. Cloupor Mini, though the term denotes a mini box mod, but it works largely when it’s time to produce thick vapor. In short, small though it is, but the performance that it brings out of the device is enough to surpass all other mechanical mods. The Cloupor Mini is a state of the art box mod that is portable and has a height of about 77mm. This box mod makes use of 30W chipset which is designed to fire as low as 0.45 ohms. This box mod makes use of a removable IMR Li-on 18650 batteries where its output power ranges between 7W to 30W and output volt ranges between 3.6V to 7.0V. Additionally, its VV and VW mode can be switched manually. It has an adjustable 510 pin with Ohm reading calculation of about 0.01 ohm, with reverse battery protection and left and right mode. Another most unique advantage of a Cloupor Mini is that their magnetic back cover which neither need to unscrew box mod conveniently. Moreover, instead of having a screen lock, this box mod can be turned off easily. Other salient features which this box mod includes are that over charging protection and a vaping time counting device. Without getting much confused over the variety of electronic cigarettes, have a quick look on all the Cloupor Mini box mod for an advanced and powerful vaping experience.


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