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Shop Ripe Vape Honeysuckle Apple Crisp from DC Vapor

Posted on May 25 2015

Once again DC Vapor, the USA based online and in store has included another e-liquid collection in all its stores to cater fruitful yet, flavorful e-liquid to the vaping community. Electronic cigarette is best experienced when you use e-liquids of various flavors and taste. It is upon the responsible shoulder of e-liquids that the success and usability of the electronic cigarette largely counts. So, act now and grab the best e-liquid to be a part of a mesmerizing vaping experience. Ripe Vapes Honeysuckle Apple Crisp is the new e-liquid which has made its entrance into the premium DC Vapor store and soon after its launching, the store has begin offering Honeysuckle Apple Crisp e-juice at a flat 8% rebate. ripe-vapes-honeysuckle-apple-crisp   This e-liquid belongs to the family of Ripe Vapes e-liquid collection where other e-liquids are much renowned among them includes the Ripe Vapes – Pear Almond, Ripe Vapes – VCT, Ripe Vapes – Key Lime Cookie, Ripe Vapes – Monkey Snack and Ripe Vapes – Coconut Thai. These e-liquids are of top-notch quality and cater the best ever taste and aroma to the e-smokers and with the new addition of Ripe Vapes Honeysuckle Apple Crisp, this e-liquid collection has attained much acclamation from the large vaping community. Honeysuckle Apple Crisp is a one of a kind e-liquid which is renowned for its unmatched taste and mesmerizing flavor that will never fade away from your taste bud. This e-liquid has a rich and bold flavor of marzipan with the delicious note of honeysuckle and ripe luscious green apple. In short, it gives the mesmerizing vapor of fresh honeysuckle and green apple every time you vape the device. So, treat your taste bud for the first time with the Ripe Vape Honeysuckle Apple Crisp e-liquid if you have passion for using plethora of e-juices collection for your electronic cigarette.


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