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Uncle Junk’s Fog Cabin - Quality E-Juice for Your Vaping Habit

Posted on May 11 2015

Hardly any device arrived on the market that introduced so many variations as e-Cigarette and e-liquid presented before us. Both the e-Cigarette and the e-liquid have shown much evidence about its versatility and vitality which has lately made a record on the electronic market. The most compelling concept of electronic cigarette is the e-liquid which helped large number of smokers to terminate smoking and adapt vaping habit.E-liquid is available in various types of flavors and brands where few attained popularity from the e-smokers due to its high quality, flavor and best throat hitting effects, while other e-juice brands failed to satisfy the vaping urge of e-smokers. However, among the best brand Uncle Junk’s Fog Cabin is one of the popular and highly recommended e-juices for the vapers. Uncle Junk’s Fog Cabin is a premium quality USA made e-juice which is available on the market in six savory flavors. This e-juice is made with 70% VG and 30% PG that gives best throat hit along with great vapor production. It includes unique selection of e-juice flavors that offers customized e-liquid to give a satisfying vaping experience to the e-smokers. These e-liquids offer savory taste along with cloud of vapor and best throat hitting effects. Hence, it can keep up to the expectations of the e-smokers both the beginner as well as the experienced smokers. Uncle Junk’s Fog Cabin This brand includes six different flavors namely Fog Cabin – Pink Meadow, Fog Cabin – Blue Fog, Fog Cabin – Junk Yard Scotch, Fog Cabin – A New Dawn, Fog Cabin – Badd Nana and Fog Cabin – Key Stone. Following Are the Different Flavors of Uncle Junk’s Fog Cabin:
  • Fog Cabin – Pink Meadow gives the taste of delicious strawberry cream that will memorize you the taste of strawberry shortcake.
  • Fog Cabin Blue Fog gives the taste of mixed berries and tart citrus that gives the best berry and citrus flavored vapor.
  • Fog Cabin – Junk Yard Scotch is a creamy butterscotch and banana flavor e-liquid that will stay on your taste bud always.
  • Fog Cabin A New Dawn is a sour lemon flavor e-liquid with sweet blueberries wrapped in cream.
  • Fog Cabin Badd Nana is a creamy banana flavor e-liquid that gives perfect taste and vapor production.
  • Fog Cabin Key Stone is the best cream key lime and cheesecake flavor that is unique in itself.
Additionally, this e-liquid comes in a 15ml to 30ml glass bottle with nicotine strength 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. All the e-juices are packed in a childproof cap glass bottle that offers safety while you refill your e-Cigarette. Hence, if you are looking for a perfect e-liquid brand to puff on regularly, Uncle Junk’s Fog Cabin is the best and the most perfect option for you to experience all six flavors in your e-Cigarette.


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