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Five Pawns Black Flag Fallen – Savory E-Juice for Your E-Cigarette

Posted on May 08 2015

When you begin adding e-juice to your life, you will find yourself much relieved, active, refreshing and lively. The reason is known to all, but in order to be more specific, let me explain you out how e-liquid has the power to improve your life. E-juice which is the fundamental ingredient associated with electronic cigarette has lately accomplished users’ attention and utmost popularity on the market. The benefits of e-Cigarette are evident and despite having restrictions and ban on its use, e-Cig gained popularity for being a rescuer for the smokers. This is because, e-Cigarette introduced a unique concept where this device instead of using dry tobacco leaves, utilizes e-juice which is a nicotine solution that works to produce vapor rather than burnt smoke. five pawns black flag fallen The most interesting concept of e-smoking is that you can puff on electronic cigarette using ample numbers of flavorful e-juices. With this feature, different types of e-juices evolved on the market having plethora of flavors and nicotine strengths. Diverse numbers of brand were introduced too catering high quality e-juices to the need of the vapers. Since, there are plenty of e-juices available in stores and online stores, many users get perplexed which e-liquid will offer them utmost satisfaction and fulfill their exact vaping need. In connection to this, DC Vapor helps all customers to select the right kind of e-liquid that will refresh the vaper as well as satiate their unending vaping urge. Depending on customers’ preference, we offer e-juices that match with our customers’ need and likings. So, we recommend different brands of e-liquid and among it comes the most favorite e-liquid brand of the vaping community, Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid. This is a renowned California made e-juice which is hand-crafted and manufactured in small batches. Five Pawns Grandmaster, Five Pawns Absolute Pin, Five Pawns Gambit, Five Pawns Queenside, Five Pawns Bowden’s Mate, Five Pawns Castle Long, Five Pawns Perpetual Check, Five Pawns Fifth Rank, Five Pawns Sixty-Four and Five Pawns Lucena are the long line of flavors designed and manufactured by Five Pawns. But, here I want to ponder on the most flavorful and mouthwatering e-liquid flavor lately formulated by Five Pawns itself. Five Pawns Black Flag Fallen e-liquid is the newest inclusion to the Five Pawns family. Five Pawns Black Flag Fallen is a bold, self indulging flavor that gives the flavor of decaf double espresso coffee with black truffle cream which will certainly remind you of Italian coffee. This particular e-liquid is formulated in small quantity and it is kept for maturation in a polished stainless steel barrels for best ingredient degradations. Additionally, it includes 50% VG and PG, and comes in a 6mg nicotine concentration. This e-liquid will certainly surprise you and satisfy your vaping urge completely. So, visit our DC Vapor store and give a try to the newly launched Five Pawns Black Flag Fallen e-liquid using the best e-Cigarette.


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