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Shop Gush E-Liquid to Enjoy Your Favorite Gusher Candy in Your E-Cigarette

Posted on May 04 2015

The world of electronic cigarette has introduced a wholesome market which is inclined mainly to eradicating the hardcore tobacco addiction of the smokers. The best part of using electronic cigarette instead of the regular cigarette is the e-liquid which acts as the best substitution to harmful smoke emitted by the tobacco cigarettes. It is the e-liquid which makes the vaping session enjoyable and pleasurable and hence, manufacturers prefer producing highly premium quality e-liquid for the e-smokers. E-liquid or e-juices keep on introducing each day or the other and this time one more e-liquid lately added to the e-Cigarette stores that is gaining utmost attention of the e-smokers is the Gush e-liquid. Gush-E--Liquid And it is much impressive that as soon as its arrival on the e-Cigarette market, Gush e-liquid made its entrance directly into the premium DC Vapor store. Our Vapor store is renowned for catering larger collections of electronic cigarette, e-Cigarette accessories and e-juices of various renowned brands and taste. With the new addition of Gush e-liquid, DC Vapor has once again updated with a new and a versatile quality e-liquid that will satiate the vapers’ need as well as provide them best vaping sensation. The Gush e-liquid is a flavorful high quality e-liquid that is ready to tantalize all vapers need since, it is the hottest and the most popular e-juice flavor on the market that gives best taste along with the desired pleasure that you need while you vape. This e-liquid comes in a 30ml glass bottle with nicotine strength starting from 0mg to 6mg. The most unusual thing about this e-liquid is its unique taste and flavor that no other e-liquid can ever provide. This e-liquid taste similar to that of Gusher candies that creates an explosion in the mouth while you take each puff from your electronic cigarette. However, this e-liquid may be a bit harsh on our taste bud so, it is highly recommended that you use conservative nicotine strength. Hence, come and visit DC Vapor to get the most versatile and high quality Gush e-liquid to enjoy a perfect quality e-liquid and highly advanced vaping sensation every time you vape.


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