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Vape in Comfort with the Super Stylish and Efficient Nolli Wood Drip Tip

Posted on April 17 2015

DC Vapor Distribution & Co. has now upgraded yet another e-Cigarette part and accessories in its store, Nolli Wood Drip Tip which is an advanced mechanical mod part that helps building the vaporizer more customized and usable. Oftentimes, many mechanical mods come with dripping methods where there is no need to use the e-Cigarette cartridge as the drip tip is basically used to drip e-liquid inside the electronic cigarette. Drip tip is simply a replacement to the normal cartridge placed inside the e-Cigarette. The drip tip works to drop e-liquid directly on the atomizer without removing any parts of the e-Cigarette. The center of e-Cigarette part is hollow that stores e-juice and the atomizer works to heat up the e-liquid to transform it into vapor. A drip tip is placed on the top of the atomizer and this part builds the e-Cigarette more functional and aesthetically alluring. Drip tip comes in various types, color and calibrations for perfect vaping. Drip trip generally do not have threading hence, this drip tip cannot be used with those devices that is having screw-in mouth tip. Nolli-Wood-Drip-Tip- The most advantageous point of using a high-end drip tip is that this part gives an easier and hassle free vaping experience. Drip tips have appeared abundant in number, but it is judicious to select perfect drip tip for your e-Cigarette that will suit your need and give you an enhanced vaping experience. However, it is additionally necessary to maintain the upright position of liquid so that the part does not spill out of the electronic cigarette while vaping. The Best drip trip now in market is the Nolli Wood Drip Tip which is made and designed by Nolli Designs where each drip tip is designed and shaped on a lathe and has a hand polished texture. This drip tip includes wood as its basic structure which is treated using three organic steps finished in the same way that you want to treat a bamboo cutting board and utensils. Hence, post manufacturing, the Nolli Wood Drip Tip evolves out to be a perfect drip tip made with dyed wood and stainless steel base. Besides the design and texture, Nolli Wood Drip Tip includes wider collection of drip tips that encompasses Dyed Blue Wood Drip Tips, Dyed Purple Wood Drip Tips, Dyed Red Wood Drip Tips, and Dyed Green Wood Drip Tips. Interestingly, you can find all the collections of Drip Tips at DC Vapor at an affordable rate. If your electronic cigarette is unable to perform well then it’s your time now to upgrade the e-Cigarette to use the device conveniently and enjoy cloud of vapor with utmost vaping satisfaction.


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