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Lost Art E-Liquid Is Now At DC Vapor Store

Posted on April 16 2015

Puffing on vaporizer to satiate nicotine craving prevents smokers to get cling to regular cigarettes has lately been proved as a convenient option to get rid from the deadly tobacco cigarettes. However, it is not the electronic cigarette completely rather, it is the e-liquid which acts as a boon to terminate the age old tobacco addiction. E-liquid is the main fuel of e-Cigarette which helps people to get rid from tobacco addiction. With this notion, large number of e-Cigarette manufacturers came up with larger collection of e-liquids endowed with best flavorings, taste and nicotine strength. The Lost Art E-juice is the new inclusion on the international market and this liquid solution has lately entered our premium DC Vapor store. The Lost Art E-liquid is a new and high quality e-juice innovated to cater out-of-the-box flavor to the e-smokers along with best vaping sensation. The Lost Art E-liquid series come in a five different flavors which are unique in itself and offer refreshing sensation with luscious taste of natural fruity flavors. All the five unique flavors are available at our online and in store and to know more about the various Lost Art E-Liquid flavors follow the e-juice details given below. Lost-Art-E-Liquid

Unique Flavors of Lost Art E-liquid:

  • Lost Art Liquid – Unicorn Puke: The Unicorn Puke e-liquid is as unique as its concept. The Unicorn Puke offers a rainbow of flavors that is obtained directly from the mouth of the unicorn. This e-juice taste simply like ice-cream sherbet which gives the flavor of tropilicious ice cream along with aromatic sorbet.
  • Lost Art Liquid – Beez Kneez: The Beez Kneez flavor of Lost Art Liquid which has a spectacular taste and fragrance gives the flavor of a spoonful of honey oh’s cereal which will certainly make your entire day cheerful and enthusiastic.
  • Lost Art Liquid – Space Rockz: The Space Rockz e-liquid from Lost Art Liquid is a sweet and fruity flavored e-juice that give you the taste of strawberry flavored pop rockz candy that will certainly mesmerize you and explore into your mouth as soon as you vape it.
  • Lost Art Liquid – Kaptain Peanut Butter:  The Kaptain Peanut Butter e-liquid gives a mouth watering taste by creating a creamy peanut butter taste upon your taste bud which will certainly keep you delightful all day long.
  • Lost Art Liquid – Cottontail Cream: The Cottontail cream by Lost Art Liquid is a strawberry and cream flavored e-liquid that amalgams three flavored cream back to back to bring out the exact taste and flavor of creamy strawberry.
All these five flavorful flavors are now available at DC Vapor in store and online store. So, it’s your time to taste the e-liquid and tantalize your taste bud with the best and the most unique flavor of the year.


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