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Rejuvenate Your Vaping Habit with the Most Versatile Dot Mod Drip Tip

Posted on April 15 2015

While recalling some of the essential parts of electronic cigarette, we first keep an eye on the atomizer, battery and the cartridge, and every time left out another most essential e-Cigarette accessory, the drip tip. Drip Tip appeared when the mechanical mods became popularized among the users. Mechanical Mods is a customized e-Cigarette where the drip tip acts as an alternative to e-Cigarette cartridge or the cartomizer. Besides acting as an alternative to the cartridge, drip tip which is generally a mouth piece of the mechanical mod comes in wider range of styles and shape. Various renowned brands have introduced different types of drip tips which are made of different durable materials like aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel. This e-Cigarette part is now available in diverse variety of numbers at renowned e-Cig store who sell larger collection of e-cigarette, mechanical mods and e-juices. At DC Vapor in store and online store, you will find variety of drip tips but, to mention the newest arrival in the store is the Dot Mod Drip Tip. The Dot Mod Drip Tip is a unique and wide-bore friction fit drip tip which gives great look when placed on any atomizer. This drip tip largely influences the temperature of the e-cigarette vapor and additionally it permits adding e-liquid straight into the atomizer without adding any cartridge to the e-Cigarette. Dot-Mod-Drip-Tip Dot Mod Drip Tip is designed with gold anondized aluminum base with black delrin. This Drip Tip very easily gets attached with the atomizer using friction fit feature and has no broken o-ring. Due to wider hole, this drip tip offers larger airflow with satisfying vaping sensation. This drip tip moreover looks classic and have different colors to choose from which generally includes gold, red, black, blue and silver. Each Dot Mod Drip Tip gets packaged in an individual corked jar for safe handling and protection. Often people find difficulty in using drip tip for the first time while vaping. But, with this drip tip users never encounter any problem of using any mechanical mod. All the unique colors of Dot Mod Drip Tip are now available at DC Vapor store along with various types of mechanical mods which you can add with this drip tip for perfect vaping experience. Hence, enjoy this new drip tip for the first time to get cloud of vapor and best airflow while vaping your e-Cigarette.


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