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Explore Cosmic Fog Nutz to Revive Your Vaping Need

Posted on April 14 2015

Despite launching countless e-liquid flavors, each and every vaper has their own choice of e-juice which satiates and satisfies their vaping urge. With this USP e-liquid turned up as the most compelling product that attracts larger number of tobacco addicts to the electronic cigarettes. It is evident that vaping is not smoking and neither it is inconvenient for vapers to use in public location. This is what persuades user to switch to vaping instead of smoking. In addition to this, the healthy concept which e-juice brought to our forefront is another fascinating reason why smokers should vape rather than taking repeated puffs of tobacco smoke. While comparing vaping with smoking, it is noticeable that cigarette smoking introduced one single flavor which is tobacco whereas e-Cigarette vaping came up with the use of e-liquid that permits user to taste and experience plethora of unique flavors that stimulates as well as leaves a refreshing sensation to the user’s taste bud. Cosmic Fog Nutz This concept concerning e-liquid flavors popularized vaping habit which subsequently triggered many e-Cigarette manufacturers to launch numerous types of e-liquids having right essence, taste and aroma. With this impact many e-liquid brands carry line of e-liquid flavors and additionally popularized their new collections on e-juices. Cosmic Fog, the famous e-liquid brand is also another renowned manufacturer who introduced different e-liquid flavors. Founded by Rob and Brant in Sunny Orange County, Cosmic Fog has presented a unique, out-of-the box, high quality and thoroughly tested USA made e-liquid. This brand has come up with six different high quality e-liquid flavors which include Cosmic Fog Kryptonite, Milk & Honey, Cola Gummy, Church, The Shocker and Nutz. All these e-liquid flavors taste unique and mouth watering, but to mention the one that has completely taken aback the vaper lately is the Cosmic Fog Nutz. This e-liquid tastes refreshing and tantalizing, and give vapers best sensation with thick cloud of vapor production. Cosmic Fog Nutz e-juice is an amalgamation of strawberry and ground almond butter appropriately blended with whipped honey cream. It is delicious, creamy and at the same time nutty. In short, it gives the taste of almond butter with the fresh and sweet taste of strawberry. This e-liquid smells great and known to produce smooth aftertaste by offering satisfying vapor. Comes in a 6ml glass container with nicotine strength varies from 0 to 18mg, Cosmic Fog Nutz gives a satisfying vaping experience that no other e-liquid could ever surpass. This e-liquid is simply great and offers perfect blend that will heighten your vaping sensation and additionally keep your taste bud refreshing ever after longer duration of vaping. Shop this e-liquid now from DC Vapor and explore something new that will satisfy your addiction at once.


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