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Enjoy Our President’s Day Offer On E-Liquid

Posted on February 07 2015

DC Vapor, your most preferred vapor shop has introduced another enticing discount deal on the memorable occasion of President’s Day. The President’s Day which gets celebrated every third Monday in the month of February is known to observe the Birthday of the first President of United States of America, George Washington along with many other Presidents who share their birthday in the same month. This day is considered as Federal holiday in the entire United States of America in order to commemorate the former Presidents of the Nation and to pay homage to their actions and deeds that they had contributed for this land. Every year this holiday in America is spent with utmost importance, grandeur and happiness so, this year in order to make this patriotic day more memorable for the Americans, DC Vapor has chosen this particular occasion to offer the huge vaping community high quality e-juices at a much reduced cost. Electronic cigarettes have become popularized for being advantageous to the smokers and it is accepted by large number of smokers as a fashionable vaping instrument as well as an effective alternative to regular cigarette. The best part of using the e-Cigarette is that it emits vapor instead of real harmful smoke, using e-liquid, which is a natural and herbal product that vaporizes to form smoke. president day offer on e-liquid With this high demand and impact for e-smoking products, DC Vapor has opined to celebrate this memorable occasion by offering discounts on all its line of e-juices which are of branded quality, made in USA and has best quality VG (Vegetable glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol) with perfect nicotine concentration and natural flavorings. Flat 10% rebate is our President’s Day offer on e-liquid which incorporates all high and branded quality e-liquids and customers can avail these e-juices using the coupon code “president”. The line of e-juices that falls under this huge discount includes SMAX Juice, Space Jam Robo Fuel, Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice, Cosmic Fog E-Liquid, Beverly Hills Vapors, Bumble Bee Vapor, Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors, The Standard Vape, Ripe Vapes, Cuttwood Juice, Cereal Killa, Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve, Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid, Total Vapor E-Liquid, Vape Chemist, Crft E-Liquid and ANML Juice. This discount is now live and continues till this entire month of February to make this occasion more memorable for the vapers. Grab the big President’s Day offer on e-liquid now and do not let it go until the discount is available for you. So, visit our store right now or order online the e-liquid that you wish to vape on this patriotic day.


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