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Kanger Sub Tank – An Advanced Tank System for Your Mechanical Mods

Posted on February 04 2015

You may have come across multiple types of electronic cigarettes, personal vaporizer or various other e-smoking products as a new device on the market or as a strong smoking alternative, but apart from the devices, there are some accessories which build and customize the e-cigarette for effective performance. However, these accessories come when you prefer using mechanical mods. A mechanical mods is an advanced and high equipped customized personal vaporizer that is designed in such a way that makes e-Cigarette experience more intense and encouraging. Different brands introduced mechanical mods and this device comes with different accessories but, to mention the most essential part of mechanical mod is the tank system. The tank system varies depending on the types of mechanical mod you are choosing. Out of the multiple types of tank systems, you may have spotted the best tank, Kanger Sub Tank which is now the most advanced and highly technical tank system among the users. This is the latest tank system from Kanger and its stock is available at our DC Vapor store. kanger-sub-tank Kanger Sub Tank is an amalgamation of replaceable coils along with the rebuildable atomizer. This is a well-equipped tank system that helps in the performance of the mechanical mods. This Subtank works with the new Organic Cotton Coil (OCC) and has the option of using the rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) to build your coil for the mechanical mods. This tank helps in building custom crafted mechanical mods in order to offer unique taste and thick cloud of vapor. Features of Kanger Sub Tank:
  • The tank has a diameter of about 25mm.
  • The length of the tank is about 55mm with the attachment of drip tip.
  • It has a spring-loaded 510 connector.
  • It is well designed with new organic cotton coil head.
  • The OCC (organic cotton coil) holds almost 6ml of e-liquid.
  • The RBA holds about 4.2 ml e-juice.
  • It is equipped with new adjustable airflow system for superior airflow system.
Apart from its features, this tank system looks exquisite and adds grandeur to the mech mod. This device is compatible with Mech Mods, Sigelei 50W, Sigelei 30W, Smotech XPRO50 BT50 and many more advanced mechanical mods. You can find this tank system at DC Vapor at an amazing price with a big fat 25% off. This e-smoking accessory will come with different parts which include a subtank, a OCC (organic cotton coil) of about 0.5 Sub Ohm ranging from 15 to 30W, another OCC of 1.2 Ohm ranging from 12 to 25W, a RBA tip connector, a RBA base, one beauty ring, a tool kit and four rebuildable coils. In short, this tank system will provide you best vapor along with satisfying e-smoking sensation. Hence, when you have decided to switch to an advanced e-Cigarette, then use Kanger Sub Tank with your mechanical mods for best vaping experience and perfect throat hit.


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