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Cloupor Mini – The Next-Generation Box Mod for Your Vaping Need

Posted on January 24 2015

Electronic cigarette seems to have its presence everywhere when the device appeared to be an active alternative to tobacco cigarette. This device really works like real cigarette, but without emitting any harmful chemicals. Formerly e-Cigarette has evolved in various models and to satiate the urge of heavy smokers, e-Cigarette manufacturers introduced and popularized mechanical mods, the high-end and most advanced e-Cigarette on the market. Mechanical mods are advanced electronic cigarette with user-friendly and easy operation. This is an advanced electronic cigarette with lots of exciting features. Using this device, you can have a more controlled, reliable and enhanced vaping experience. This device became eminent and gained popularity among heavy smokers for its high vapor production and best vaping sensation. Due to the overwhelming popularity and massive vapor production, Mechanical mods are the first preference of large number of e-Cigarette users. With this effect, consequently the market has started carrying high-tech and user-friendly mechanical mods to give best result and perfect vaping sensation. Cloupor-Mini Different brand introduced mechanical mods with high-end features and long lasting battery life. But, to mention the one that is now the talk of the town is the Cloupor Mini Box Mod. Designed with highly technical features, this box mod provides best sensation which enables user to win over their tobacco addiction and adapt e-Cigarette as its best substitution. The Underlining Features Of Cloupor Mini Box Mod Are:
  • Cloupor Mini comes in a 77.5mm*36mm*22mm.
  • It has a removable 18650 battery.
  • It has an output voltage of about 3.6V-7.0V.
  • It has VV/VW manual switch off mode.
  • Cloupor Mini has left and right mode.
  • It is built on 0.45-3.0 ohm atomizer.
  • It has an adjustable 510 pin.
  • The Ohm reading calculates up to 0.01.
  • It has a reverse battery protection.
  • Cloupor mini has over charge protection system.
  • It has an easy turn off option.
  • It is available in black and silver color.
  • It has micro USB port at the base.
  • It has a magnet back cover which needs no screwdriver.
In a nutshell, Cloupor Mini resembles a box that comes with 30watt mini size box manufactured by Cloupor. This advanced box mods is endowed with an adjustable 510 connection and has low resistant of about 0.45ohm. It is very small and simply gets covered with palm. Moreover, unlike other small mods, Cloupor mini has changeable battery feature and works with 18650 battery. Additionally, it is endowed with pass through feature for on board charging. This brief review is enough to conclude Cloupor Mini as the best mechanical mod that has higher resistance and high-end features, which will satisfy your vaping requirement as well as leave a luscious and refreshing flavor of e-liquid on your taste bud.


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