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Bumble Bee Vapor Strawberry Lemonade – Refreshing E-Liquid To Quench Your Vaping Thirst

Posted on January 21 2015

A recent research on electronic cigarette has revealed the device has non-detectable level of toxins and this result is similar to that of the e-liquids used in the device. Many people make the best use of electronic cigarette as a smoking cessation in place of regular cigarette. With this notion, e-cigarette manufacturers are inclined to introduce various types of modified electronic cigarettes and top-notch quality e-liquids which come in various flavors and manufactured with best ingredients. E-liquid comes with or without flavoring and nicotine which enables all users to pick e-Cigarette without risking their lives. However, for heavy smokers, e-liquid comes with higher nicotine concentration with right flavor and taste that suit with their vaping need and preference. Bumble Bee Vapor e-liquid is the first of this kind which has best flavors and aroma with different nicotine concentrations. This brand provides over 15 delectable flavors that give pure and rich taste of natural flavors. Bumble Bee Vapor is a renowned e-liquid company based out in USA that is famous for layered gourmet flavors and are focused to offers multiple types of e-liquid to provide distinctive taste to your taste bud. Bumble Bee Vapor Strawberry Lemonade Bumble Bee Vapor has given a fresh new feature to all its manufactured e-liquids which offered unique taste and flavor to the e-Cigarette users. The Bumble Bee Vapor e-liquid has introduced a new formula in producing quality e-liquid and each e-liquid flavor is crafted creatively with artistic approach. All the 15 flavors are unique and gives best taste and vapor production which satisfies the user at once. Among its various vapors, Bumble Bee Vapor Strawberry Lemonade is the most exceptional and enticing one that gives refreshing and out of the world experience to the e-smokers. Bumble Bee Vapor Strawberry Lemonade is the best amalgamation of strawberry with lemonade. This e-juice is refreshing where you can taste pure strawberry flavor and fresh new essence of lemonade which will enhance your vaping need as well as entice you with its taste and flavorings. Using this e-liquid, you can enjoy your vaping all day long and this e-liquid is most appropriate to resist and beat the pervading summer heat. This e-liquid flavor is manufactured with 50 and 50 percent VG and PG with pure and natural extract of strawberry and lemon. Packed in a glass bottle of about 30ml having dropper cap, Bumble Bee Vapor Strawberry Lemonade offer you a nicotine concentration from 0 mg to 18 mg providing vaping experience to all and sundry starting with new vapers to heavy e-Cigarette users. In short, it has luscious taste, safer and reliable to vape all day long to gratify your vaping requirement. Hence, in order to taste this e-liquid in the beginning of the year, visit DC Vapor shop or order here online the wonderful e-liquid flavor.


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