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Kangertech Subtank Mini – High-End Clearomizer For Your Mechanical Mods

Posted on January 20 2015

DC Vapor is immensely delighted to include in store the newly invented high-end Kangertech Subtank Mini which is soon to be release on the market. Like the electronic cigarette, the accessories associated with this device has too become the craze of the new vapers in town and with the coming days, technically equipped and innovative parts of e-Cigarettes are introducing that help enhancing the vaping habit of the e-smokers. The vaping experience of the e-smokers are getting intense exclusively with the inclusion of modified e-Cigarette accessories and an e-Cigarette tank is the fundamental part of an electronic cigarette that powers the device at once and additionally holds e-liquid as well as functions to transform the liquid nicotine into vapor. Larger varieties of e-Cigarette cartomizers were evolved on the market, but tank cartomizers are most efficient and has greater capacity to produce flavorful vapor. With this notion, heavy e-smokers are inclined to vape mechanical mods using best and highly technical tank cartomizers. Of late, the e-Cigarette market is desperately waiting for best tank cartomizers since, large number of these products failed to keep up to the vapers’ satisfaction. However, with the arrival of innovation Kangertech Subtank Mini tank cartomizer, many vapers get a chance to taste and feel e-liquid effectively with cloud of vapor production. Kangertech-Subtank-Mini Kangertech Subtank Hybrid Tank Mini is a revolutionary tank manufactured by KangerTech, the famous brand that manufactured line of high-end electronic personal vaporizers. Kangertech Subtank Mini is an advanced atomizer that can be used as a clearomizer as well as rebuildable atomizer (RBA). The Subtank connected with this device offers the option of using the tank as a rebuildable atomizer or with the usage of innovative OCC (organic cotton coil) coils. These organic cotton coils is made with Japanese cotton which is having a unique square shape for longer life span and additionally offers abundant heating with pure luscious taste of e-liquid. The device comes in a fully active adjustable airflow control along with a sturdy glass tank and spring loaded 510 connections. Moreover, the Subtank will offer you the option of using pre-installed OCC coils or the RBA coil head in case you want to build your own coils. Besides, the customized feature of the Kangertech Subtank Mini, this device is additionally endowed with other features which include two different heads that allows conversion of OCC to RBA, organic Japan made cotton, 510 connection, pyrex glass, durable structure and an advanced airflow system. Kangertech Subtank Mini works exlusively with mechanical mods and uses sub ohm resistant atomizer. This advanced cartomizer tank is compatible with e-Cigarette devices like mech mod, Sigelei 30W, Smoktech XPRO50 BT50, IPV Mini, Vamo7 35W, Sigelei 100W and many more. Therefore, if your want an enhanced vaping experience, then visit DC Vapor and purchase Kangertech Subtank Mini to add the device with your mechanical mod to enjoy long term vaping session.


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