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Check Out The All New Five Pawns - Black Flag Fallen At DC Vapor Store

Posted on December 30 2014

There is something that may knock your taste bud soon you find it is available in our vapor shop. You might have tasted our various e-liquids displayed in our premium e-Cig store or have ordered online various premium quality electronic cigarettes of different flavors. But, now you can avail the best e-liquid in this season of celebration as DC Vapor has included the most popular and premium quality e-liquid in its store. Five Pawns Black Flag Fallen is the new inclusion to our e-Cigarette store. This is a premium quality e-juice that have lately launched on the market having pure ingredients and natural flavors. Five Pawns e-liquid series have earlier introduced line of e-liquid flavors that became popularized among innumerable vapers and this brand is renowned for its ingredients and processing of e-liquid. Five Pawns Signature Vapor liquid is a premium brand with quality e-liquids, crafted in California and this e-liquids get manufactured by hands in a very small batches. This e-liquid only uses food grade ingredients and perfect pharmaceutical grade nicotine and the entire core ingredient is sourced from both domestically and locally source and all e-liquid is made in-house directly from the state of California. With the amalgamation of these materials and processing, you will find 50% vegetable glycerin and 50% propylene glycol and it comes in a 30ml bottle. The flavors in these e-liquids are extracted directly from the actual ingredient and all the bottle comes in a nicotine concentration of about 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. Five Pawns Black Flag Fallen After launching the premium flavors like Grandmaster, Absolute Pin, Gambit, Queenside, Bowden’s Mate, Castle long, Perpetual Check, Fifth Rank, Sixty-Four and Lucena, Five Pawns Signature Vapor, this time introduced another more e-liquid of unique flavor and essence. Five Pawns Black Flag Fallen is a newly crafted e-liquid which has lately entered the market and our exclusive DC Vapor store. Five Pawns Black Flag Fallen e-liquid is a bold and multi-layered e-liquid which almost tastes similar to that of an espresso based dessert and not like the traditional cup of Italian coffee. This flavor gets produced in limited quantity and kept for maturing in Five Pawns’ polished stainless steel barrel to avoid light infiltration or any sort of ingredient degradation during the process of maturation. The primary flavor of this e-liquid is English toffee, black truffle cream, chocolate, honey, walnut as well as rich espresso flavor. In short, with this e-liquid you can get the taste of decaf double espresso amalgamated with black truffle cream delight. The e-liquid comes in a 30ml medium sized bottle and having the VG and PG ratio of about 50:50 and available in a safety glass bottle with childproof cap. Thus, here is the complete depiction of Five Pawns Black Flag Fallen e-liquid so, have a look at this premium quality e-liquid at our exclusive DC Vapor store for your vaping and get a chance to heighten your vaping experience with the taste of decaf double espresso flavor.


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