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Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve Crème De La Crème – The Premium Flavor of This Christmas Month

Posted on December 23 2014

Now when you are having a special electronic cigarette, you should be in need of high quality e-liquid for having a perfect vaping session in this Christmas season. E-liquid is the main ingredient for the electronic cigarettes and its innovation made the device all the more popular and appealing to the users. With no smoke, smell and foul odor, you can enjoy electronic cigarette anytime and anywhere using our best e-liquid. The e-liquid which is the best and compelling point of using an electronic cigarette, emits out flavorful vapor every time you use the device. The market is now flooding with different types of e-liquids which give soothing flavor and refreshing sensation to the users. Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve Crème De La Crème The most tasty and delectable e-liquid on the market which has almost occupied the vaping community is the Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve Crème De La Crème e-liquid. It is a premium and ultra quality e-liquid with unique taste and fragrance which has been crafted by famous juice mixologist, Phillip Rocke, who himself is the maker of Gemini Vapors. This e-liquid offers a refreshing and refined flavor to offer an unparallel and high quality vaping experience using top notch quality ingredients and processing methods. Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve Crème De La Crème is the first flavor which has been created by the famous Gemini Vapor. This e-liquid is rich with the real extracts of Arabic coffee beans and natural flavors. These ingredients are kept in a reclaimed brandy barrel for about 21/2 months before packaging. With this processing the e-liquid offers a fresh taste of hazelnut and a hint of coffee which will undoubtedly mesmerize all e-Cigarette users. You can shop Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve Crème De La Crème e-liquid from our store DC Vapor ahead of this Christmas to enjoy your electronic cigarette with the use of premium quality USA made e-liquid. Therefore, order online or visit our store to bring home the best e-liquid for your family.


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