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Grab The Most Tasty E-liquid From DC Vapor - Cereal Killa

Posted on December 06 2014

Are you looking for the best quality e-liquid for your e-Cigarette? Here at DC Vapor, you can find your solution on e-liquid. Our store is stuffed with plethora of electronic cigarettes, e-liquid and its accessories. You can choose your e-liquid from our various brands to add in your e-Cigarette till our exclusive e-liquids are in stock. The e-cig market is flooding with tons of e-liquid but, some gives the right essence, taste and refreshments to the smokers and others fail to satisfy the users with right taste and sensation. With demand and acceptance e-liquid is now manufactured in USA and available online as well as in store that enables user to refill electronic cigarettes and enjoy multiple e-liquid flavors sitting back at their home. If you are bored with your regular e-liquid and want to change your e-liquid flavor then, you can try out the most exclusive e-liquid on the market which is Cereal Killa. This e-liquid works as wonder for all e-Cig users. It is a unique e-liquid which is now followed by millions of e-Cig lovers for its mouthwatering taste and sensation. Cereal-Killa Cereal Killa is a new arrival on the market. It is one of the most delicious e-liquid flavors that is fruity and tangy in taste. This e-liquid can be best described as a tasty fruity punch that gives a tantalizing taste of e-liquid when one puff on the electronic cigarettes. It will offer you the taste of a spoon full of breakfast cereal that is smooth, fruity and sweet in taste. In short, this e-juice will remind you of a delicious fruity pebbles and fruit loops cereal.  It is simply like having a bowl of cereal for breakfast that gives smooth blending that is simple to vape and gives utmost refreshment. This e-liquid comes in a 30ml bottle with VG and PG ratio of about 90:10 and 4mg nicotine concentration. It comes in a packed glass bottle comprising of a dropper to refill the e-juice easily into the e-Cigarette cartridge. When you want to enhance your vaping experience and trying to get free from foul tobacco addition, it is better to taste Cereal killa in your e-Cigarette. This e-liquid tastes delicious which you can’t put it down by any means.  Therefore, reach us now and pick Cereal Killa e-liquid to get a refreshing taste of e-liquid and best e-Cig experience.


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