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Accessories Your Mechanical Mods With The Advanced Aspire Atlantis Tank

Posted on December 04 2014

The spell of Cyber Monday is on us and if you want to get your head in the cloud of refreshing vapor, you can make your vaping experience more advanced and modifying with the use of mechanical mods and personal vaporizers. Electronic cigarette has gone a long way to satisfy the smokers with the refreshing e-liquid taste and real vapor production. This initiated the formulation of mechanical mods and personalized electronic cigarette. Customized electronic cigarettes are mainly for skilled e-cig veterans who demands excessive vapor and refreshing flavor of e-liquid. This e-Cigarette allows you to accessories the product with its different customized parts. The most crucial part of a customized e-cigarette is the new e-cigarette tank system which can be defined as the fulcrum of electronic cigarette as it shoulders the most crucial performance of the mechanical mod by processing the e-liquid into vapor. You may have witnessed that the market is flooding with premium quality electronic cigarettes, mechanical mods and e-Cigarette accessories. But, the most enticing part for which people keep on craving is the e-cigarette tank which makes the e-Cigarette more advanced and active. In this connection, the all new Aspire Atlantis Tank has become an item of craze for most of the e-cig users as this e-cig tank has given the e-cigarette vaping experience a new height. Aspire Atlantis Tank Aspire is the most trusted name and renowned for manufacturing personal vaporizers. Its e-cigarette accessory gives an amazing cloud of vapor and taste. Aspire Atlantis Tank is a high-end e-cigarette power system. It is a next generation tank system that offers an improved vaping experience. This e-cigarette tank has an improved adjustable airflow and Sub OHM coils that ensures the performance like that of rebuildable atomizer. The Aspire’s Bottom Vertical Coil design enables best e-cigarette taste and perfect vapor production. This tank is moreover easy to carry, refill as well as easy to install on the e-cigarette. This e-Cigarette tank is made up of stainless steel and pyrex glass. This has an adjustable airflow design with four options for swift airflow and uses the Aspire BDC (bottom dual coil) atomizer technology. Additionally, this product includes 510 threaded adjustable airflow, 5ml capacity replaceable glass tank, replaceable dual bottom coil and 510 drip tip. Its stainless steel round drip is designed with anti-leakage capacity and Sub oHm (0.5 ohm) coil. This is an upgraded electronic cigarette tank that helps you to enjoy large airflow and cloud of vapor. This product is specially designed for RDA style and has a huge capacity to produce clouds of vapor. This atomizer has the main requirement, which is a sub ohm battery that is able to handle all the high capacity requirement of the product. So, make sure you do not use this device unless and until you are familiar with the usage of electronic cigarette. You can visit our exclusive DC Vapor store for this product and its detail performance before purchasing it. So, treat yourself ahead of this Christmas with an advanced atomizer, Aspire Atlantis Tank for your customized e-cigarette.


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