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Mech Mod E-Cig Vape – The Right Vaping Product for Heavy Smoker

Posted on November 08 2014

Though electronic cigarette has long been invented in a foreign land by Hon Lik, a Chinese inventor but, the device failed to achieve its deserving popularity on the international market.  However, when cigarette smoking started offering its devastating effects on the smokers, e-Cigarettes attained sudden recognition for being the most effective product to quit tobacco cigarette. Of late renowned brands and varieties have made this device all the more popular, enticing and helpful for smokers, and the market is now flooding with multiple types of e-Cigarettes with high-tech features but, if we mention the most efficient one, mechanical mod is ruling the list. This device is free from combustion and emits no smoke and no toxic substances that are harmful for health. With mech mod e-Cig vape you can cherish long-term, powerful and enriched vaping experience using your favorite e-liquid. This e-Cigarette is available in diversified models with high-tech parts and it is exclusively made for heavy smokers. Like every other brands, we also provide highly customized and technically-loaded mechanical mods that give best mech mod e-Cig vape experience. Unicorn Factory Mechanical mod is the most amazing e-Cigarette that we offer to our customers. It produces dense vapor and provides ultimate satisfaction to the vapers with its perfect throat hit. This advanced electronic cigarette not only offers vaping satisfaction but also, gives simplicity to the user with its aesthetic aspect. It is simple, durable and efficient and provides long lasting vaping experience for several hours. Mech Mod e-Cig Vape To describe mechanical mods in simple words, it is an electronic cigarette that holds a rechargeable and replaceable battery and it includes two different nuts, one at the top and the other at the bottom where the top bottom touches the battery positive/ atomizer and the bottom touches the battery negative/ground. And while switching on the device, mechanical mod flow an unregulated current to the atomizer that helps producing vapor from e-liquid. Vape enthusiast prefers high-end e-Cigarettes that are user-friendly as well as highly productive in nature. Therefore, those vapers who prefer customized electronic cigarette, mechanical mods is the best device that suits their preference. The most enticing mechanical mod on the market is the Unicorn Factory Metal Collection which is available at DC Vapor premium e-cig store. This device is an advanced electronic cigarette with multiple features, looks and functions. The most advantageous part of this mech mod electronic cigarette is its extremely low resistant vapor production. However, many times due to variable voltage and wattage, e-cigarettes completely shutoff but, mechanical mod is free from this limitation. But, there are several restrictions that mech mod vapers need to maintain while using the device in order to enjoy long-term vaping experience for years. How to Maintain Mech Mod Electronic Cigarette? While vaping mech mod electronic cigarette, you need to follow the following do’s and don’ts: •    Check the device regularly for short circuit and atomizer resistance. •    Check the mechanical mod for proper vent hole. •    Do not invert the mech mod battery. •    Never charge the battery excessively. •    Keep away the mechanical mod from fire. •    Use only protected battery. A mechanical mod is a reliable and durable device that can be maintained easily. It is a stylish box mod with customized cartomizer that gives a perfect vaping experience to the user. Due to its dense vapor production, it is known to be the most popular vaping devices in almost all users’ hand. So, it’s just the right time to visit our store and grab our Unicorn Factory mechanical mod at an affordable price.


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