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SMAX Juice Is Officially Now At DC Vapor Store

Posted on November 01 2014

Are you an e-smoker who has become bored with the same e-liquid taste and vapor? Then you must reach us now to experience the all new way of vaping electronic cigarette using our premium e-liquid. The premium SMAX juice has arrived at DC Vapor’s premium electronic cigarette store and it is now officially available for e-Cigarette users. We have made available all the five unique flavors of SMAX juice that are certainly going to bring a broad smile on your face and at the same time revitalize your taste bud. This is a premium California made e-liquid that will provide you best vaping sensation and tantalizing flavor of natural fruits. Every time you visit our store, you will find our line of products on electronic cigarettes and this time our team at DC Vapor is all set to surprise our vapers with high quality e-liquid brands. SMAX juice is a high quality branded e-liquid manufactured at the Bay Area of California and of late it is largely gaining popularity among the heavy smokers. This e-liquid is produced with handpicked and finest ingredients that give a rich, bold and delicious flavor of natural fruits. This e-liquid have five delicious flavors that you have never tasted before as it incorporates all unique blend of natural fruit flavors with perfect ratio of VG and PG that produces dense cloud of vapor. SMAX Juice Just have a quick sneak peek of the five exclusive SMAX juice flavors that we are providing at our premium e-Cigarette store: SMAX-Good Vibes – This is a perfect PG/VG blended e-liquid that provides a sweet tart of pineapple and passion fruit. This e-juice gives a chilled tropical fruit juice flavor that will relax and satisfy your craving for electronic cigarette. SMAX-Lick It – This e-liquid perfectly balances sweet and fresh sliced peach with bold and rich orgasmic cream. This flavor gives a lip-smacking taste of e-liquid and at the same time enhances your vaping habit. SMAX-Mafia Princess – This e-liquid gives an espresso-soaked Italian cake layered with creamy and whipped cream that will enhance your taste bud with a royal flavor. SMAX-Pony On Acid – Pony on Acid e-liquid gives the taste of melded mishmash of berry that is laced with euphoric strawberry glaze which gives a unique and exclusive taste of e-liquid. SMAX- Sammie Puffs – This e-liquid gives the taste of chocolate flavor with smooth marshmallow and honey glazed graham crackers. All these premium e-liquid comes in 90/10 ratio of VG and PG and it comes in a unique high quality 30ml container with pump dispenser designed mainly for dripping. Thus, this e-liquid is a must try for all vapers who are passionate about different flavors of e-liquid. Subscribe to our newsletter now and get new updates on our latest products on electronic cigarettes.


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