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Upgrade Your Vaping Experience With Unicorn Factory Box Mod

Posted on October 15 2014

The time when the concept of smokeless cigarette was originally introduced, it was not accepted well by the marketers as well as by the government. However, when it was found as no threat to the users and health risks are yet to be discovered, many smokers welcomed e-Cigarette with arms open and made a successful switch to electronic cigarette from traditional cigarette. Since its arrival in 2003 by Hon Lik on the international market, a lot has been changed on the e-Cigarette market. In the vaping community, electronic cigarette has not been the same which it used to be like when it was first introduced. Electronic cigarette users witness different variations and up gradation with advanced functionalities. Of late, Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV) and mods are the new inclusion to the e-Cigarette stores that allows e-cig users to select e-Cigarette of their own choice. Though it may be somewhat perplexing but, to keep it simple and short,e-Cig mods is a modified electronic cigarette. In a nutshell mods are modified personal vaporizer product manufactured to cater to the unique requirement of the vapers. Box Mod The consumer market changed significantly when the latest e-cigarette market welcomed the advancement of this personal vaporizer for which people are long been waiting. Electronic cigarette Box Mods introduced among the user as a boon and the arrival of box mod helped vapers to escalate their vaping experience as per their own preference and additionally many are trying to get on this trendy habit for a modified vaping sensation. DC Vapor, the premium vapor store is now a proud seller of box mod to the vapers. Unicorn Factory Metal Collection Box Mod is the top of the line advanced e-Cigarette with trendy looks and functions. The Unicorn Factory Box Mod is a modified electronic cigarette and it comes with various specifications. It is a 120 watt box mod with 12 ohm made with non-insulated Raptor Chip, stainless steel button with dust and water resistant. It also includes internal LCD display battery voltage, metal internal stainless thread for atomizer, automatic adjusting brass, center pin for flush mounting 22mm atomizer, super strong nobendium magnet secure door for volt adjustment and easy access to battery tray. It is moreover engraved and sterilized and all its pieces are handmade and tested before leaving the unicorn lair. This box mod comes with warranty and it is perfectly made in USA. This e-cig box mods are able to use replaceable battery that offers much better battery life for long lasting vaping experience and gives best performance to the vapers. However, box mods are particularly for experienced vapers. It satiates their vaping desire and leaves no dissatisfaction rather gives a unique feeling to the users.


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