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Shop Genesis Style Atomizers For Your Customized Vaping Session

Posted on August 14 2014

Finally electronic cigarette has emerged out triumphant on the market and it is impressive to find new users actively taking interest on the overwhelming numbers of electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette accessories. From the very outset, electronic cigarette industry keeps on introducing something or other accessories and technologies for the betterment of this device among the masses. The e-cig makers not only manufactured plethora of electronic cigarette devices and accessories for users to choose from, but also consistently making effort to educate people what electronic cigarette is all about. We take pride to be an active participant of this campaign and every time provides the exact product to the customer. Many of our users have successfully made switch from traditional cigarettes to today’s modern electronic cigarette and to encourage them DC Vapor never goes out of stock. Smoktech RSST atomizer, which resembles in feature and nature Genesis style atomizers, is the new addition to our huge product catalogue. [caption id="attachment_172" align="alignright" width="225"]genesis style atomizers genesis style atomizers[/caption] DC Vapor ever aims to update, modify and make the vaping community responsible with the invention and addition of new electronic cigarette and its accessories. Our Smoktech RSST is a rebuildable and customized atomizer build with stainless steel and has polypropylene tank and spring lock center post for positive connectivity wiring. It also includes stainless steel vase style drip trip with spare o-ring and seals. The formulation of clean smokeless vapor significantly counts much on the type of atomizers we use with the e-cigarette. The atomizer which is the internal essential component of an electronic cigarette helps to heat the e-liquid and turns it into fine vapor. The main benefit that is associated with the using of Smoktech RSST atomizer in e-cigarette is that, this e-cig tank allows easy and quickly changing option from one e-liquid flavor to another. Further, it is exceedingly simple and allows easy operation and replacement of the part if necessary. The Smoktech RSST has been listed the best atomizer among newest releases as it includes specialized coil and wick with complete customized body. The newest Smoketech RSST is a proven and affordable Genesis style atomizers. Its advantages and perfect throat hitting effect made this product more desirable to the regular users. It is interesting as it will give you the option to improve it as you want it to be. You can customize the air hole and make it larger by turning the top adjustable cap and can use it with eGo and mods batteries. Its 4ml ecig tanks capacity gives a long lasting vaping experience but, a slightly better adjustment in coil and wick helps improving the effect and optimize the performance of the electronic cigarette.


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