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Which Electronic Cigarette Brands Do You Vape?

Posted on May 16 2014

It is the electronic cigarette that helped millions of smoker to discard regular cigarette and enthused them to move on towards a healthy livelihood. From the very outset of 2014, it is evident that electronic cigarettes are reigning over the US market and quite a good number of switches from regular cigarette to smokeless cigarette are also seen in this year. The smoking habit is very strong and it hardly allows the smokers to let go of their nicotine addiction easily. Smokers seem to die for puffing the cigarette smoke despite knowing the fatal consequences which the cigarette has stored for them. Electronic cigarette unlike other stop smoking aids is much active which helps prevent the craving for the regular cigarette. For better aftereffects, e-cigarettes became much popular and it is giving a tough competition to the age-old tobacco industry. In news bulletins, road side conversation, in the vaper’s hand and round the neck of the young user attached to a lanyard, everywhere this device is prevailing and is all set to occupy the entire smoking community with its charm and uniqueness. electronic cigarette brands Such an overwhelming popularity forced many entrepreneurs to invest on electronic cigarettes. Hence, numerous electronic cigarette brands are popping speedily in USA and it is not unusual to find people puffing on electronic cigarette discarding their traditional habit of smoking tobacco cigarette. Many vapers opine that electronic cigarettes will lead a healthy way to the future and its advanced technology will definitely provoke smokers to pick the product soon. However, there are many local products evolved on the market but, those are generally of inferior quality. Only the electronic cigarette and e-liquid made by recognized US brands get notified as the best electronic cigarette brands and the e-cigarette with brand name are safe for vaping. Several companies manufactured electronic cigarette that not only emits quality vapor but also, provides better vaping taste and long-lasting battery life. Total Vapor ,Vapor 123 and Vamos are the notable electronic cigarette brands and the most talked about e-liquid brands are Blueprint Vape, Jackson Vapor Juice, Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors, Space Jam Robo Fuel, The Standard Vape, Total Vapor e-liquid, Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice, Vape Addict Juices, Vape Chemist, Cosmic Fog e-liquid, Cuttwood Juice and Crft e-liquid. Although there are innumerable e-cigarettes came up on the market, but it is advisable to purchase products having brand name especially when you are opting e-liquids for your e-cigarette. A quality e-liquid ensures USP Kosher grade propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and pharmaceutical grade nicotine solution. E-liquids with such ingredients are healthy and safe for vaping, and offers luscious taste of the flavors. The local products in comparison to the branded goods offer inferior quality e-liquids and e-cigarette that fail to provide the appropriate sensation for which electronic cigarettes are designed and known for.


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