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Smokeless Cigarette – The Best Stop Smoking Aid

Posted on May 13 2014

Quitting cigarette is completely a matter of own choice. If you decide to try different stop smoking aids then, its time to acquire knowledge on the most talked about product of the US market, the electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette is a battery powered device that works with e-liquid. This device mimics the traditional cigarette in shape and size but, works indifferently and emits vapor instead of foul burnt smoke. This smokeless cigarette has been found helping many addicted smokers in reducing their craving for tobacco cigarettes. [caption id="attachment_142" align="aligncenter" width="980"]smokeless cigarette smokeless cigarette[/caption] The e-cigarette gets accepted everywhere which means you can puff on the device anywhere you feel like. It emits vapor infused with refreshing natural aroma that do not suffocates the passive smokers rather adds sweet fragrance to the atmosphere. Hence, it is not astonishing to see people in public places with this particular e-cigarette in hand. From the very outset, electronic cigarette remained as the controversial device however, lately it gained utmost popularity when the device helped people in quitting cigarette gradually. The e-liquid which is the inevitable part of the electronic cigarette comes in varying nicotine composition starting from 0 mg to 24 mg. The e-juice contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, real fruit extracts and pharmaceutical grade liquid nicotine. You can select your desired nicotine level when for the first time you use the device but gradually decreasing the nicotine concentration to 6 mg or 0 mg will help you get free from high nicotine addiction. Like function, its operation is also unique which altogether turned it a trendy device that adds sophistication to the user when they vape the smokeless cigarette. Soon the vaper puff on the mouth piece of the device, the atomizer with the help of the e-cig battery heats up the liquid nicotine to transform the solution into vapor. This vapor which the electronic cigarette produced is then inhaled by the vapor which creates a satisfying sensation similarly like the regular cigarettes. Another attractive concept which evolved with the electronic cigarette is the flavored e-liquid. Unlike the tobacco cigarette, the smokeless cigarette introduced multiple flavored e-liquids. Various natural flavored e-liquids like strawberry, cherry, menthol, grapes, watermelon and many more are accessible for the electronic cigarette. These flavored e-juices offer delicious and mouthwatering taste when the vaper inhale and exhale the vapor. This device does not offer any tar and carcinogen rather encourages the user to quit tobacco cigarette. Hence, it enjoys high level of acceptance in places where regular cigarettes has been banned. Moreover, it is a one time investment for the vaper and the overall cost behind this device is much less compared to the regular cigarette. Therefore, discard the tobacco cigarette and start vaping smokeless cigarette for your own benefit.


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