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Cosmic Fog Cola Gummy – The Fresh Cola Flavored E-Liquid

Posted on May 05 2014

Cosmic Fog e-liquid is the recent weakness of the vaping community. Natural flavors merged with fresh cool essence typify the nature of this e-juice for which vapers long to vape over and over again. Despite having plethora of e-juices in the vape stores, the demand and sale of Cosmic Fog e-liquid seems to take away the whole crowd with it. Vapers who lately attained the pleasure of this luscious e-liquid find hard to place order for any other e-liquid brand. E-liquid is the innovative concept of electronic cigarette which delighted many smokers with its healthy result and satisfying effect. Like electronic cigarette accessories, e-liquids too keep on upgrading with time and requirement which initiated the formulation of innumerable e-liquid flavorings and taste. Multiple e-liquid brands came up on the market and they are allowing us to taste and experience e-cigarette in an all new way using their intoxicating liquids. Cosmic Fog e-liquid is the most sought after e-juice brand that vapers identify as the premium e-liquid for the electronic cigarette. This is a premium e-liquid made in USA which gives the desired taste and perfect satisfaction to the vapers. [caption id="attachment_129" align="alignright" width="300"]Cosmic Fog Cola Gummy Cosmic Fog Cola Gummy[/caption] The Cosmic Fog Cola Gummy is the most mouthwatering and delightful flavored e-liquid of Cosmic Fog brand which gained immense popularity. The flavor remains on our taste bud as an unforgettable experience even after a prolonged vaping session. The cola gummy e-liquid flavor marked a significant invention of e-liquid which rediscovered the age-old childhood habit of chewing cola bottle gummy candies. This flavor is definitely unique and you need to figure out its taste, when for the first time you taste this e-liquid. The first flavor you will feel is the taste of a candy and subsequently you will feel the fresh flavor of cola fizz and the freshness of soda. This refreshing flavor is overwhelming and capable to mesmerize the vapers instantly. Post vaping, you could realize the ultimate essence of the dominant flavoring and your vaping need would get satisfied with its best throat hitting formula. Cosmic Fog Cola Gummy comes in a normal 15ml glass bottle and its nicotine strength varies from 0 mg, to 24 mg. The basic ingredient it includes is USP Kosher grade propylene glycol and USP Kosher grade vegetable glycerin with the amalgamation of nicotine in the solution. This is one of the most enticing Cosmic Fog e-liquid flavors besides Kryptonite, Milk and Honey, and Church. Hence, using the Cosmic Fog Cola Gummy flavor, you will definitely get hooked to high quality ingredient and can experience an interesting vaping session with best throat hitting effect. So, try out this premium e-liquid flavor and make your e-cigarette experience more advanced and savory.


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