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Unicorn Milk – A Special E-liquid With Strawberry Flavor

Posted on April 30 2014

Everyone knows vaping becomes more exciting and fascinating when the vaper adds right e-liquid ahead of taking puffs. The e-liquid is the most enticing and appealing aspect of electronic cigarette for which smokers are leaving tobacco cigarettes and joining the vaping community. Unlike the tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes since its launch started bringing new products every now and then. With this people can thoroughly enjoy the upgrading concept of electronic cigarettes. Not only the accessories but also, the main ingredient which is the e-liquid keeps on introducing with new taste, sensation and aroma. By now, multiple numbers of e-liquids have been manufactured and all taste unique from one another. Cuttwood’s Unicorn Milk is another new addition to the large family of e-liquid made in USA. Soon after its formulation, Unicorn Milk gained popularity from most of the e-cig users. The time when the buzz spread about the formulation of this particular e-liquid, many vapers already placed their order in stores for this particular e-liquid. And now it is pretty much interesting and good news for vapers that Unicorn Milk is available in the famous DC Vapor store. [caption id="attachment_123" align="alignright" width="185"]unicorn milk unicorn milk[/caption] No e-liquid ever received so much attention and appreciation like this product and as per the users review, this e-liquid always keep up to the vapers expectation with its strong indulging flavor and taste. This e-liquid includes all the factors that can heighten the mood of the vaper with its feature. It is a premium e-liquid which people desired for long. Its wow factor lies in its USP Kocher grade components and concentration which is thick and tastes completely heavenly when used in electronic cigarette. Its wonder begins soon the vaper pour the e-liquid inside the e-cigarette cartridge in order to puff the vapor from the device. This e-liquid will go best with mechanical mods where you can get the opportunity to add e-liquid in the big cartomizer. However, due to its thick consistency, it takes time to reach the coil and cartos so, it is advisable to use e-cigarette few minutes after pouring this e-liquid. Post filling the cartomizer, it’s your time to receive the perfect throat hit from this Unicorn Milk e-liquid. This e-liquid taste extremely delicious, it is neither too milky nor too sweet and also not tastes extra fruity but all it tastes is just perfect and absolutely right. It has a strawberry custard flavor which offers smooth and creamy effect and when puffing you will feel the fresh taste of strawberry shortcake. Some vapers opine that it tastes simply like a strawberry milkshake and the ambience starts smelling fresh strawberry everywhere. With this, Unicorn Milk gained much popularity among the e-cig users and it heightened the expectation for more advanced e-juice for the vapers. So, do not wait and soon grab the Unicorn Milk e-liquid from our store before the product go out of stock.


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