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Cosmic Fog Juice – Savory E-liquid For Your Electronic Cigarette

Posted on April 30 2014

Refilling cartridges are the unnecessary expense of the electronic cigarette. Instead of using cartridges for your e-cigarette, why not opt for e-liquid to refill your e-cig cartridge? Cartomizer that allows easy refilling option serves best to add e-liquids consistently after every puffing session. Based on this purpose, renowned e-cigarette companies came up with the concept of flavored e-liquid production. E-liquids come in multiple flavors and include different nicotine strength. This liquid is basically a solution of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and natural flavors. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are known to produce thick vapor and this solution ends up its effect satisfying the vaper with its strong throat hitting sensation. The usefulness and popularity of e-liquid lately compelled many new e-liquid brands to come up in the market. These brands brought forth an innovative and positive aspect of e-liquid which brings excitement and satisfaction to the vaper after every single puff they take. [caption id="attachment_120" align="aligncenter" width="579"]cosmic fog juice cosmic fog juice[/caption] Cosmic Fog juice which is a new e-liquid also offers similar result to the vapers. This liquid is added with innovative taste and high quality ingredient which is completely new and enticing to the vaping world. Cosmic Fog e-liquid is a rich and lush e-liquid that produces smooth tasty vapor that suddenly brings a refreshing sensation to the taste bud. All flavors of Cosmic Fog juice includes a cool and refreshing elements in the liquid for which the vaper receives cool and clean vapor every time they use this e-liquid. After just a few inhale and exhale, the original flavor of the e-liquid start producing its result and it will stay on your taste buds and allow you to cherish its essence even after the vaping session. Now while talking of flavors, you will find four unique tastes namely, Cosmic Fog- Church, Cosmic Fog- Kryptonite, Cosmic Fog- Cola Gummy and Cosmic Fog- Milk and Honey. All these e-liquids have distinctive taste and aroma and strong enough to satisfy users with its natural essence. So, learn in brief about each flavors of Cosmic Fog juice. Cosmic Fog- Church – The e-liquid comes in a 15ml glass bottle and the primary flavor it includes is chocolate fudge, banana and vanilla ice-cream. It is a complete savory dessert treat with the addition of sundae flavor. Cosmic Fog- Kryptonite – This 15ml glass bottle liquid is unique and interesting among the other flavors. Kryptonite is a watermelon flavor with a blend of candy that offers fresh, cool and sweet taste to your tongue. Cosmic Fog- Cola Gummy – The cola gummy flavor is the reminiscent of cola bottle gummy candy and the e-liquid formulated the taste with the two primary flavors, soda and gummy candy. Cosmic Fog- Milk and Honey – This flavor is the amalgamation of sweet milk, honey and marshmallows. All these flavors are unique and exclusive with its smooth taste and high quality products. Therefore, in case you are looking for e-liquid to add in your cartridge then, try out Cosmic Fog juice for once and enjoy the mesmerizing effect after every puff.


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