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Use Kanger Mini ProTank Clearomizer For Better Throat Hit Effect

Posted on April 25 2014

The time when people started vaping electronic cigarette, people found a great distinction between a regular smoker and a regular vaper. And by now it is evident that electronic cigarette is more advantageous than the tobacco cigarette and this inspired many tobacco addicted smokers to choose electronic cigarette over regular cigarettes. The vaper who vape electronic cigarette not only enjoys the vapor while inhalation but also, fortunate enough to have ample number of options in selecting the style, flavor and type of e-liquid that suits their vaping desire. One of the common choices vapers generally make for electronic cigarette is the selection of atomizer, cartomizer or clearomizer to have a unique vaping experience at any place. However, for choosing the right cartomizer or atomizer a vaper must understand the functional difference between the two products. In general both the devices function to heat the e-liquid to a certain temperature in order to convert it into vapor for inhalation. An atomizer generally heats the e-liquid and changes it into vapor and filling the e-liquid is much easier in case of atomizer. Additionally, it comes at a cheaper rate and it involves very simple process of operation. But, this device requires refilling quite often. [caption id="attachment_115" align="alignright" width="300"]Kanger Mini ProTank Clearomizer Kanger Mini ProTank Clearomizer[/caption] On the contrary, cartomizer or clearomizer uses a wick to convert the liquid into vapor that are constructed within the device itself. In selecting the atomizer or clearomizer, vapers generally go for clearomizers though it is much costly compared to the atomizer. This is because clearomizer offers good storage capacity and enable to see the e-liquid present in it. With this inclination for clearomizer, numerous options have been evolved in the market. Kanger Mini Protank Clearomizer is also one of the best clearomizers available in stores.Kanger Mini Protank Clearomizer is a high quality clearomizer with a glass tank and it gets best used with eGo threaded Mod without the use of an adapter. With this clearomizer, you can enjoy using a replaceable and customized cartomizer. It includes stronger base, replaceable pyrex tank, replaceable atomizer head and has 1.5ml capacity to hold e-liquid. This clearomizer usually lasts long provided you follow its proper procedure to use. Hence, it is required to follow few conditions to keep up the device for longer days. Make sure you do not fill e-liquid inside the metal tube of the clearomizer, always unfasten the base to refill the electronic cigarette and protect the atomizer head of this device while reinstalling the base of the tank. Apart from its usage and function, the Kanger Mini Protank Clearomizer displays an elegant and sleek body with perfect shape and size. It generally comes with a package that go with the eGo cigarette which includes one glass tube, one piece drip tip, one bottom base and two pieces of 2.2 to 2.5 ohm coil unit. With this clearomizer you can enjoy your electronic cigarette for longer duration with better throat hit effect and it is much appealing and will not require refilling after shorter duration.


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