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Best eGo CE4 Vaporizer – A New-Age Innovation Of Electronic Cigarette

Posted on April 19 2014

Electronic cigarette when at the beginning appeared with the feature that it does not emit actual tobacco smoke, it was not accepted whole hearten by the market and individuals. It got granted as a mere device and not taken as a threat to the prosperous tobacco companies until the health risk related to tobacco cigarette brought to light. For long people consider regular cigarettes as the best solution to keep out stress so, the tobacco cigarette market remained successful when the electronic cigarette first landed and introduced internationally. [caption id="attachment_109" align="aligncenter" width="762"]Best eGo CE4 Vaporizer Best eGo CE4 Vaporizer[/caption] The Beginning Journey of Electronic Cigarette Holding the hand of Herbert A. Gilbert, e-cigarette first made its first appearance back in 1963. His e-cigarette introduced a unique concept that produces vapor by heating up the flavored liquid. Moreover, the innovation also allows changeable option for e-liquid which comes in diverse flavors. The liquid and the battery of the device are thus the most appealing and enticing aspect of this mechanism. The flourishing tobacco market at that time did not allow e-cig to win over the regular smokers. But, in 2003 when Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist promoted electronic cigarette after his father death, the device then gained its success for the first time. E-Cigarette – A Threat To Tobacco Cigarette Apparently, no one observed this device would be a new threat to the tobacco industry late in this twentieth century. Presently, regular smokers consider this device as a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes and already started embracing e-cigs over regular cigarettes. Even studies claimed, e-cigarette are less harmful compared to the tobacco cigarettes because, it vaporizes e-liquid which is a nicotine solution of low strength that may help prevent acute tobacco addiction in smokers gradually. Popularity of E-Cigarette with New Innovation We observe a revolutionary switch when smokers ask for electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes. With this fame and rising demand, many renowned e-cigarette industries started bringing innovative mechanisms on the market. The latest and the most high-tech innovation of e-cigarette is the best eGo CE4 Vaporizer. The best eGo CE4 Vaporizer is a normal vape pen loaded with high technology that offers a unique experience of vaping this vaporizer. As claimed by many vapers, this product is undoubtedly a perfect vaporizer pen and it is the best product to start-up with. Unlike the disposable e-cigarette, this comes with its accessories which include CE4 clearomizer tank, USB charger, 900mAh battery and carrying case. Apart from its wide range of accessories, the best eGo CE4 Vaporizer offers many key features which are discussed below: eGo CE4 Vaporizer – Key Features
  •    The CE4 clearomizer tank has transparent body which allows viewing the e-liquid contained inside the tank.
  •    It has a capacity to hold 1.6ml e-liquid.
  •    It is accessible in variety of colors, style and resistance.
  •    It offers clean taste of e-liquid vapor.
With this result, we can consider that it’s time for electronic cigarette to rule the market with new innovations and with the passing days people are expecting more products and better results out of this device.


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