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Introduce Yourself To Mechanical Mod To Enjoy The Unique Mech Mod E-Cig Vape

Posted on April 15 2014

Electronic cigarette is a new generation smoking device and as per studies it is a safer device compared to the regular cigarette.  The electronic cigarette which lately became the talk of the town is evolving in various models and fashion. The latest launch of electronic cigarette is the mechanical mod. May be the vaping community is familiar with this term but, it is new to many fresh e-cig users. What is Mechanical Mod? To define Mechanical Mod, it is apt to define the device as a vaporizer or personal electronic cigarette with simplistic look and features.   This personal vaporizer does not depend on internal PCB boards or on any other sophisticated electronics. It generally vape at 3.7v +/- with battery charge. This mechanical mod offers a tubular compartment for the battery and includes bottom and top cap for transmission of power directly to the atomizer chamber. The bottom cap comprises of firing button, locking ring and a spring or magnet. And the top most cap is that part of the mod where the atomizer is placed. This top cap has a metal pin which helps to have contact with the positive end of the battery and it goes through a universal 510 threading with which the atomizer tank has a connection. Mech Mod E-Cig Vape An experience with mech mod e-cig vape will allow a trendy and trouble-free vaping experience as this device does not include any circuit. Hence, the device receives power from the battery directly and transmits it to the atomizer which heats up the e-liquid for producing vapor. This electronic cigarette offers a safety function and helps prevent short circuiting. With this safety functions, it brings restrictions in the fashion and style of the atomizer to make the device suitable and compatible with the function of its parts.  However, still there is a strong possibility of short circuiting in case the atomizer fails to match with the mech mod battery and even it leads to explosion when gases cannot escape out from the device. While building the atomizer, you required a multi-meter and this multi-meter is much affordable and allows to monitor the resistance of the atomizer and the battery voltage. And it is better to pick the IMR (lithium manganese oxide) batteries to enjoy the mech mod e-cig vape without limitations as it is the best and safe route. There are other e-cig users who used the standard lithium-ion (ICR lithium cobalt oxide) battery but, faced higher risk of overheating even with low resistant feature. Though the ICR batteries offer greater capacity compared to IMR but, they discharge higher amps without getting damaged. Soon after the mechanical mods introduced and gained popularity in US, the device started evolving in multiple features, shape and size. Even different metals like brass, stainless steel and aluminum also came up with different conductivity level and construction method. So, it’s your time to feel the unique vaping experience with the brand new mech mod e-cig vape process and do not lose the opportunity to add a modern touch to your lifestyle with the use of this trendy e-cig.


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