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Know What’s There In Your Electronic Cigarettes Maryland

Posted on April 10 2014

If you hunt for “electronic cigarette” in Google, you will find abundant facts, news and information on this device. E-cigarette was first discovered by Herbert A. Gilbert but, the device got popularized lately in 2003 when a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik determined to bring forth a healthier option of nicotine inhalation after his father died out of lungs cancer. Research on electronic cigarette observed that electronic cigarettes Maryland are less harmful in comparison to regular cigarette. However, The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) opine that electronic cigarette contains several chemicals that are generally known to spread cancerous germs in the user. With further research and studies on e-cig, controversies are still evolving and growing due to lack of laws and regulations on this battery-powered device. While other health organization claims e-cig is comparative safer option and contains meager amount of chemicals that are known to harm the living cells of human body. These controversies and studies trigger a ban on electronic cigarette in many states in US and e-cig continues to be a questionable element for many of us. [caption id="attachment_96" align="aligncenter" width="762"]Electronic Cigarettes Maryland Electronic Cigarettes Maryland[/caption] Despite having strong limitations on electronic cigarette, US people still find this particular item as interesting, fashionable and trendy as it marked a transition from traditional cigarette to e-cigarette. The concept of e-liquid, vapor, battery and atomizer at once captured the attention of regular cigarette users and average number of e-cig users recommended that the product can successfully satisfy their craving for tobacco cigarette. What’s there in electronic cigarette? This is the general query we find in many people’s mind when the controversies and ban were imposed on this particular device. The visible features of electronic cigarettes Maryland are already known to people but, the fundamental question is about the ingredient and function of electronic cigarette. It is important to clarify explicitly the concept of electronic cigarette to the people who have put a question mark after the word e-cigarette. Hence, to define e-cigarette in simple words, it is apt to mention this device as a battery-power instrument that requires no fire to burn rather the in-built atomizer heats up the e-liquids to produce vapor instead of smoke. This vaporizer uses cartridge that contains the e-liquid which is the main ingredient of this device. However, studies and research concluded that the e-liquid is primarily a solution of liquid nicotine which can be detrimental to the e-cig user when user inhales the vapor. On the contrary, many e-cig companies describe e-liquid as a simple solution that incorporates propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavors. In general, these flavored e-liquids come in multiple flavors and there is availability of nicotine infused and nicotine free e-liquids. The nicotine based e-liquid gets sold in different strength starting from 6mg to 24mg. Lately, many smokers have started using electronic cigarettes Maryland with the hope to terminate the long lasting addiction of tobacco. This situation is prevailing in many regions of USA which consequently increased the sale of electronic cigarette and e-liquids. As per survey, new vapers are also growing and demand for various fruits flavored e-liquids are increasing with the popularity of the product


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