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Uncle Junks Genius E-Juice – A Premium E-Juice Of Multiple Flavors

Posted on April 07 2014

Everyone by this time has become well-accustomed using the electronic cigarette as it is the new device that has gained popularity from the users being a strong smoking cessation. More particularly, the innovation of e-liquid has triggered the craze in peoples’ mind regarding this device. Electronic cigarette which introduced in the international market as a helpful device for the smokers is also facing a ban and restrictions from the very outset it launched in the market. However, studies concluded that e-cigarette are harmless and safe for human consumption as it includes no unhealthy substances like carbon monoxide and tar which we commonly found in the deadly tobacco cigarettes. The most enticing concept of e-cigarette, which already made many e-cig users crazy, is the introduction of e-liquid. Never before any liquid ingredient introduced for any smoking stuffs but, the innovation of this electronic cigarette marked a history for the new vaping generations. E-liquid which is the main ingredient of the electronic cigarette is not a harmful chemical rather it is a solution of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and multiple number of flavors. [caption id="attachment_92" align="aligncenter" width="762"]Uncle Junks Genius E-Juice Uncle Junks Genius E-Juice[/caption] Through the usage of e-liquid, the vapers got exposed to the world of various flavored e-liquids. The most appealing part of using the e-liquid is that you can avail various flavors as per your choice out of this product. Besides the flavor, e-liquids are available in two concentrations, one is nicotine free e-liquid and the other is nicotine infused e-liquid. The nicotine infused e-liquid moreover is available in various strengths starting from 6 mg to 18 mg. The Uncle Junks Genius e-juice is a premium quality e-liquid in this connection where you will find different e-liquid flavors with and without the amalgamation of nicotine. So, now the time has arrived for the vaper to get indulged into the natural flavored e-liquids and at the same time you can satisfy your craving for your favorite fruits. Uncle Junks - Bettie White How would you feel while vaping a pomegranate flavor e-liquid when the fruit itself is not present in front of you? Certainly it is a delightful experience as you are getting two-in –one option using this Uncle Junks Genius e-juice and the e-cigarette. This e-juice would never let you forget the tantalizing taste of fresh pomegranate and at the same time offer you a unique vaping experience. Uncle Junks – Hard Lemonade A lemonade flavor e-liquid would be an unusual vaping experience for the vapers but, with this Uncle Junks Genuis e-juice, you can achieve a refreshing and satisfying vaping experience. Uncle Junks –Savannah A refreshing, savory and sweet amalgamation of orange and peach has successfully created a unique flavored e-liquid that will certainly leave your taste bud sweet and refreshing always. Uncle Junks – Grapeful Grace Feel the fresh and delicious taste of grape in your e-liquid using this exclusive flavor in your electronic cigarette. This mesmerizing taste will keep you refreshing and satisfy your vaping experience completely. Therefore, start using electronic cigarette now and do not miss the opportunity to enhance your taste bud with all these fruit flavors e-juices.


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