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Use Vapor Battery Mods For Long Battery Life Of Your E-Cig

Posted on April 03 2014

Electronic cigarette which came under the spot light as a savior for the addicted tobacco smokers is gaining popularity rapidly in USA with its effective result and efficient operation. Since the last three years, electronic cigarette is raising high in the market. Generally, the concept of electronic cigarette is very unique and in spite of being a cigarette, e-cigarette is harmless for human consumption and requires no fire to light up the cigarette. Unlike the tobacco cigarettes, the complete performance and the use of electronic cigarette are very different and it includes no effective ingredients that can harm our body. Interestingly, the electronic cigarette is an electronic device that works with battery which is easily chargeable. With the use of the battery, the atomizer of the electronic cigarette transforms the e-liquid into vapor and emits it through the mouthpiece when the user inhales the e-cigarette. [caption id="attachment_87" align="aligncenter" width="762"]Vapor Battery Mods Vapor Battery Mods[/caption] Basically, this is how the electronic cigarette works and to get the ultimate pleasure out of this device, it is essential to have an efficient battery in order to enjoy the vaping experience without any obstacle in between the vaping process. In this connection, vapor battery mods are the most strongest and durable battery that serve the e-cigarette best with its long battery life and offers a versatile and flexible experience of vaping e-cigarette. The vapor battery mods come in a unique shapes and sizes. It is available in cylindrical tube shape body that is longer and wide compared to the eGo electronic cigarette battery. These are not permanently integrated unit. This battery gets used with devices like mechanical mods or battery mods. The two common models of mod battery are 18650 and 18350. With this shape and size, this customized module e-cig battery looks fascinating and apart from its shape and looks, it includes high quality features. The features and style vary from brand to brand but, all brands have the following facilities. Key Features of Vapor Battery Mods:
  • The capacity of the mod battery is 830 mAh and minimum capacity is 800 mAh.
  • It is a 100% safe lithium based battery.
  • This battery works with variety of e-cig cartridges.
  • It takes 8 hour of charging time and works for longer duration.
  • It has a high battery life.
  • It offers a safe and protective vaping experience.
  • A small circuit board inside this battery helps to protect the battery from extra charging and over current.
With these features, it is clear that the vapor battery mods are the most efficient and effective battery for the customized electronic cigarette products. With long battery life and safety features, the mod battery altogether marked a high standard for the electronic cigarette. Hence, it is better to select the customized module battery to have a better and safe vaping experience.


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