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Dr Mikes Rad Vapors E-Liquid – Refreshing E-Juice For E-Cigarette

Posted on March 21 2014

Switching to electronic cigarette from tobacco cigarette is a great conversion on the part of the smoker. Electronic cigarette is a new device of this era and through this product, people can successfully terminate tobacco cigarettes and keep up a healthy sustenance using the electronic cigarette. The entire concept of electronic cigarette is completely different from the regular cigarette and as it is an electronically controlled device, the ingredients it uses are additionally unique and impressive for the new smokers. Often it is evident that people getting perplexed while selecting the e-cigarette ingredient for them. The basic reason behind this confusion is that e-cigarette uses e-liquid of multiple flavors and of different strengths. Unlike the regular cigarettes which use withered tobacco leaves, e-cigarettes use a special flavored e-liquid that offers the e-cig user a clear and fresh taste of natural fruit flavors when the user inhale and exhale the puff from the e-cigarette. [caption id="attachment_80" align="aligncenter" width="762"]Dr Mikes Rad Vapors E-Liquid Dr Mikes Rad Vapors E-Liquid[/caption] The e-liquid, which get recognized as the basic ingredient of the electronic cigarette is generally a solution of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and the fresh natural flavors. The admixture of propylene glycol and glycerin help to produce vapor out of the e-cigarette. The natural flavor which is the other component of e-liquid offers delicious taste and flavor to the user. Interestingly, there are ample numbers of flavors available for e-liquid.  Green apple, Irish crème, cherry, coffee, grape, blueberry, mint chocolate, pina colada, menthol, vanilla, USA tobacco, strawberry etc. are the flavors of e-liquid. Beside the flavors, considering the strength is also very important especially for the new smokers. The e-liquids have different strength however, from brand to brand the strength may differ but, in general we find strengths from zero to higher concentration. The strength gets distinguishes on the basic of nicotine dose where 0 signifies null, 6 signifies low, 12 medium and 18 and 24 high. Hence, choose your strength cautiously based upon your nicotine consumption power. On this note, learn about a high quality e-liquid that gained much popularity among the e-cig users. Dr Mikes Rad Vapors e-liquid is the superior quality e-liquid by DC Vapor which provides an exceptional feeling and taste of vaping e-liquid. The Dr Mikes Rad Vapors e-liquid are accessible in multiple rich flavors where you will find Dr. Mike’s-Melon-Q, which offers a taste of fresh cucumber, Dr. Mike’s – Mirage which is a refreshing apple flavor e-liquid, Dr. Mike’s – Teacher’s Pet is a fresh green apple flavor, Dr. Mike’s- Delight is a fresh pear flavor e-juice and Dr. Mike’s – Vertigo is a vanilla flavor e-liquid. Other Dr. Mike’s e-liquids are Dr. Mike’s – Fortune, Dr. Mike’s – Bliss, Dr. Mikes – Chocolate Bacon and Dr. Mike’s – Lucid. Using the Dr Mikes Rad Vapors e-liquid, you can achieve greater number of puffs, unique and fresh flavor of natural fruits and these e-liquids are available from lower to higher nicotine strength. Hence, choose Dr. Mike’s e-liquid in your electronic cigarette to refresh your sensation and to achieve a best vaping experience.


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