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Begin Your Vaping Experience With The Vapor Standard Starter Kit

Posted on March 15 2014

Electronic cigarette emerged as a boon for us and mainly to the addicted smokers who were trying hard to give up tobacco smoking completely for the sake of their life. While indulging into tobacco addiction, it is hard to follow the restrictions on cigarette smoking and similarly it is also difficult to use various smoking cessation products like nicotine patches, nicotine gum etc. as these products fail to replace the nicotine addiction of the smokers. In such circumstances e-cigarette came into being and within a very short span of time won hearts of numerous smokers with its extraordinary features and trendy outlook. Electronic cigarette is a brand new launch in the global market and this product evolved as an alternative to the deadly tobacco fags. Now it is important to consider accurately what electronic cigarettes are? Primarily for the addicted smokers and regular cigarette users, proper knowledge about this device is very important in order to make them educated on this product. Hence, let's learn in details the features of e-cigarettes. [caption id="attachment_63" align="aligncenter" width="762"]Vapor standard starter kit Vapor standard starter kit[/caption] What is an electronic cigarette? An electronic cigarette is a new generation product and it is a healthier option of smoking. It is also useful in reducing tobacco cigarette smoking and even helps to quit the addiction of nicotine. The product looks similar like the tobacco cigarette but, its features are completely different from the regular cigarette. In this connection, learn the features of electronic cigarette. Features of Electronic Cigarette:
  • Electronic cigarette is an electronically controlled device.
  • Electronic cigarette works with a battery and requires no fire.
  • The product is completely devoid of tobacco leaves.
  • It works with e-liquid which comes in various flavors.
  • The e-liquid which it contains comes in different strength of nicotine.
  • It produces vapor instead of burnt smoke.
For such unique features, an electronic cigarette is allowed to vape in public places and moreover, it is harmless to our body. In case you are in favor to quit smoking then, it's your time to get yourself a brand new Vapor Standard starter kit. This is an e-cig starter kit and is the main requirement of the new e-cig user. The Vapor Standard starter kit comes in a ready format and requires charging before usage. The kit includes a USB charger, wall adapter, lithium-ion battery, 2ml vapor liquid, the electronic cigarette itself with the atomizer, clearomizer and a mouth piece. The starter kit also includes a zipper case and a users' manual to help the new e-cig users to vape comfortably. Additionally, for the new e-cigarette users, it is necessary to carry everywhere the Vapor Standard starter kit to continue vaping anywhere without interruption. Hence, do not keep yourself addicted throughout your life and instead start using electronic cigarette to feel the same sensation of tobacco cigarette without any adverse effects.


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